Chrysler Locator Software

chrysler crm sales software for auto locators

Key Features

  • ALL Chrysler Dealers in 48 States 
  • Includes Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep
  • Latest up to date information including contact names for sales managers, emails, etc.
  • Edit and store up to 3 contact names, phones, & emails for each dealership
  • Easily Search and Find exactly the info you need
  • Quickly record call results and comments on phone calls
  • Set reminders for call backs
  • Create preferred Dealers list for the Sales agent
  • Keep track of number of calls
  • Track how many bought & sold for each Dealership
  • Send emails quickly with one click
  • Customize the dealer list with multiple view, filter and sort options.
  • Sales staff message board to post inventory, packages, campaigns, etc.