CRM for Auto Locators

crm sales software for auto locators


CRM Sales Software for Auto Locators

Over 20,000 U.S. New Car Dealerships included for General Motors and Chrysler.

The latest up to date contact information including manager names, phone numbers and email addresses with sales tools that management and sales staff will love.

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Increased Sales Over 200%

Proven results. Our software is already in use, has been tested by locator companies, and  company sales improved on average 200% and more in just the first year. Our software is designed from the ground up to be exactly what an Auto Locator company needs. It provides all the tools Sales Agents need to quickly contact Dealerships, track their progress, and drill down to seal the deal.


Our Software Secures Your Company Information!

  1. Our CRM Sales software secures your company information from being copied or stolen. Users are only able to access the software on the office computer. They are NOT able to gain access on any other device or any other location. ALSO, all user activity is trackable and accountable with built in management tools and reports.
  2. Most locators use foler/binders and Excel spreadsheets. Both of these can be easily copied and stolen. This is NOT possible with our CRM Sales software. Owners and management no longer have to worry about staff going rogue using proprietary company info. 


Flexible Packages & Pricing

We offer flexible packaging and pricing for the following products & services:

  • GM CRM Sales Software
  • Chrysler CRM Sales Software
  • Ford CRM Sales Software (coming soon)
  • Professional Company Website
  • Type-able Digital PDF Forms
    • Buyers Agreement
    • Sellers Agreement
    • Dealer Transfers
    • Invoices
    • Company Letterhead
  • BBB Accreditation assistance & marketing
  • Corporate Email setup, templates, best practices, and marketing assistance.
    • Unified admin control of all email accounts by management
    • Email monitoring and contacts control by management
  • Company Branding support including graphics design, digital marketing and implementation



The Top Level 1 Package includes:

  • (2) CRM (Client Relationship Management) Sales software platforms with over 20,000 Dealerships
    • GM CRM Platform
    • Chrysler CRM Platform
    • Ford CRM (coming soon)
  • CRM Training
    • Our CRM is designed to be fast & easy to use.
    • Training is included, but doesn't take very long.
    • New users are ready to get started with as little as 5  minutes of training. This is by design. In the locator business, if your not dialing, your not selling. The goal is to quickly get the dealership information and tools the sales person needs so they spend more time on the phone and less time buried in the software.
  • New Company Website
    • Created by Professional developer
    • Built on Drupal, the #1 search engine preferred platform
  • New company, typeable forms
    • Typeable PDF forms, no more hand writing
    • Gives best first impression of your company
    • BBB (Better Business Bureau)  Accredited Business Logo included on top of all forms
  • Corporate email setup
    • New email setup to ensure larger email campaigns, better email delivery (spam prevention),  and control of all sales staff email users and contacts.
  • BBB Accreditation assistance
  • Security measures to protect your valuable Company information

Level 2 Package: (custom)

  • You choose the products & services you need to get started, or improve your existing business, and we will discuss the time frame and pricing to suite your needs.