GM Locator Software

general motors sales software for locators

Key Features

  • ALL GM Dealers in 48 States 

  • Includes GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac & Buick

  • Latest up to date information including multiple contact names for sales managers, emails, etc.

  • Edit and store up to 3 contact names, phones, & emails for each dealership

  • Easily Search and Find exactly the info you need

  • Quickly record call results and comments on phone calls

  • Set reminders for call backs

  • Create preferred Dealers list for the Sales agent

  • Keep track of number of calls

  • Track how many bought & sold for each Dealership

  • Send emails quickly with one click

  • Customize the dealer list with multiple view, filter and sort options.

  • Sales staff message board to post inventory, packages, campaigns, etc. 


Dealership list's of 48 States, sortable & filterable by brands.


Dealership info main display


Easily find any Dealership and brand in all 48 States, or filter out the brands you don't need.


Keep track of calls, Dealers who have bought packages and gave you inventory.
This is then sortable in the main list so your best dealers are displayed at the top.


Quickly access the latest up to date Dealer information. Store up to up to 3
contact sources per Dealer.


Quickly record call records & interaction with Dealers.
Leave unlimited comments on every Dealer which is
searchable so you can easily find it later.


Advanced search helps you find & keep track of every bit of info in the database, including all comments.
Need to find TED in Chevrolet, but forgot which Dealership? NOW YOU CAN in just seconds!!


Set reminders for call backs & get notified by the system. Never miss that important call back again.


Upload Dealer's W9's, track status, and print them all with one click. Sales
agents can assist when deals are made and save valuable office time, especially
during tax time.


Other Dealer documents (buyers, sellers agreements) can be loaded into the system database.


Management dashboard and reports to keep track of all Sales agent activity.


SECURITY measures built in & customizable. Sales agents will only be able to access the software on their office computer.
Will not be able to access on any other device or at any other location. Your company information is completely protected. Only
management can access restricted info inside the system. For more info on security and the customizable features, call us.


Easily manage users, and user roles. User roles can be customized to fit your company structure.
You can also remove users, keep their content (like comments, bookmarks, flags) and assign them to a new user.


For more information and a free demo, call 229-585-0021